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RSP Designs

Disney Halloween “Minnie is a Ghost”

Disney Halloween “Minnie is a Ghost”

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The RSP Designs Disney Halloween wreath features a festive and playful design. It starts with a base of orange and black plaid mesh, creating a vibrant and eye-catching backdrop. Orange polka dot ribbons are elegantly woven throughout the wreath, adding a touch of whimsy and contrast to the plaid pattern.

At the center of the wreath, you'll find a charming Minnie Mouse figure dressed in a ghost costume, complete with a white sheet draped over her with two eye holes cut out. Minnie Mouse's iconic bow and cheerful expression add a delightful and friendly Halloween touch.

Above Minnie Mouse, a "Happy Halloween" sign is prominently displayed, greeting all who approach your door with seasonal cheer. This wreath combines the magic of Disney with the spookiness of Halloween in a stylish and inviting way, perfect for celebrating the holiday with a touch of Disney enchantment.

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