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RSP Designs

Disney Inspired Fall Decor

Disney Inspired Fall Decor

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The RSP Designs fall wreath is a beautiful autumn-themed creation featuring a charming Mickey Mouse silhouette surrounded by the warm and inviting colors of fall. At the top of the wreath, there is a lovely welcome sign that adds a touch of hospitality to your home decor.

 The wreath primarily incorporates rich shades of gold, brown, and copper, which evoke the cozy and enchanting feeling of autumn. The centerpiece of the wreath is a Mickey Mouse silhouette, carefully crafted with intricate details, showcasing the beloved Disney character against a backdrop of fall foliage.

 In the design, you'll also find a miniature Cinderella Castle nestled amidst the autumn leaves, adding a magical touch to the overall composition. This RSP Designs fall wreath is the perfect addition to your home's entrance, inviting guests to share in the warmth and wonder of the fall season with a touch of Disney magic.

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